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Previously known for his great success achieved in the Ballet world and Theatre Gordon-John Manché has taken another challenge to show himself not only capable of dancing and singing but also as well as a versed author.

Continuing to break new grounds, this book is certainly to be the first of its kind in Malta written by a Maltese author.
Reading “Born From Above” surely one will notice that much spiritual, mental and natural preparation has gone into it’s production. Written with great love and warmth from the author surely it is no wonder that the author himself have been transformed with the same love of Christ that he so passionately talks about.
It will certainly answer many questions to many a people’s questions about spirituality, salvation and God’s plan for their life.
Very well done! Potentially a best seller, here is a book highly recommended for all to read.

What others have said:
"This writer, being a focused and dynamic minister of the gospel has produced a book that the reader will find him/herself read over and over again…" TESHAI WAYNE (Naxxar)

"Revolutionary...valuable and transforming! Touching both the spirit and the intellect; a must read book for all seeking the simplicity of the Gospel". Dr. WILLIAM OSAGIEDE

"Great job! I read this book and it is so good that it have made me reflect on how Great is the Lord!" SILVIO PARNIS (Member of Parliament)

"Through your book I have found out how much Jesus loves me. There were times when I started to forget Him and my life was empty, but now I know that Jesus is always with me and takes care of me. I feel peace and thanks to your book I now feel a great difference in my life". SYLVANA PORTELLI (Swatar)

"This book will certainly challenge all who read it to have a closer walk with Jesus Christ and have a greater and clearer understanding in our salvation. Its logic and basic understanding about the daily Christian walk makes any one who reads this book know better God’s love for them." ALFRED & MARY BARTOLO (International missionaries)

"Very Informative with plenty scriptural teachings on wide range of subjects all centered on God’s love. Great read for both the young and mature in the Christian faith. A great asset for your personal library!" ANDREW RIZZO (Gozo)

"Gordon’s openness mixed with humor, scriptural truth and simplicity of showing how to love and accept the Lord in your life will bless and help all who read this book…" LISBETH WHITE

"What a wonderful spiritual book to read for any one who has questions that need to be answered. Gordon, the Lord has blessed you greatly and it will bless all that read it. It certainly has blessed me. Thank you!" ALISON WHITE

"Whoever reads this book will be greatly edified. I want to read it over and over again. I love the fact that it is all based on the love of God. My most favorite quote in the book is where it says, “It was not the nails that held Jesus to the cross; rather, His love for you and me is what held Him there”. ANNA MIZZI (B’Bugia)

"I went through half of it and I liked it. It's readable,simple,rooted in Scripture and at the same quite intimate and personal. It is evident that the author is narrating his personal authentic experience..." Rev Dr. Anthony Abela, [United Bible Societies-Malta]